Prospective Instructors

Do you have a desire to enrich the lives of adult learners and to nurture their passion for learning? Do you have an area of expertise that you would like to share with members? OLLI encourages interested instructors to submit a course proposal following the guidelines detailed in the Course Proposal Instructions document (see below). Course proposals can be submitted at any time.

OLLI at Pitt courses are taught by University of Pittsburgh faculty and staff, Emeritus professors, educational leaders, community scholars, and experts. In our program, there are no tests, grades, or educational requirements!

In selecting courses, our Curriculum Committee assess the topic and content, course organization, the instructor's teaching experience and content expertise, and the suitability, variety, and balance of the proposed offering. The instructor's availability, previous class evaluations (when applicable), recommendations, and level of professional and educational achievement in the particular subject area are all considered.

Instructors may not promote any product or service, solicit donations for causes or personal expenses, nor proselytize for a particular religion or cause.

Finally our OLLI program supports courses and activities that not only are intellectually stimulating but contribute to a forum for friendship, socialization, and community.


View the summer/fall 2018 letter to potential instructors »

OLLI at Pitt Course Proposal Instructions »

OLLI at Pitt Course Proposal Form »

Proposals for the Fall 2018 term are due April 27, 2018 to

All instructors interested in teaching an OLLI course will also complete an availability form online. The link will be sent to potential instructors shortly after the deadline for proposals.

Dates for 2018 (tentative)

  1st session 2nd session
Summer 2018 May 14 - June 16 (no classes May 28, Monday courses end June 18) June 25 - July 28 (no class on July 4, Wednesday courses end August 1)
Fall 2018 August 27 - September 29 (no classes September 3, 10, or 19) October 15 - November 17