Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a benefit offered to OLLI at Pitt members.  They help to foster fellowship by allowing OLLI at Pitt members to engage with others who share a common interest.  SIGs complement OLLI’s courses, lectures, and other programs; they do not compete with or replace them.  SIGS are noncommercial and solicitation of services or products are not permitted at SIG meetings.

Special Interest Groups are member-driven, not staff-driven.  They are initiated, managed, and run by OLLI members who share the interest.  OLLI staff are supportive of SIGs and can help the SIGs to promote and advertise themselves to our OLLI membership. SIGs grow, develop and are sustained by the active participation and commitment of its own members.

Current SIGS Include. Contact the OLLI office for more information:

Discussion Group - accepting members (currently on hold)

East End Movie Goers - Currently full (currently on hold)

Follow Up Poets - Accepting members

Free Writing Group - Accepting members

Knitting Group - Accepting new members (currently on hold)

Poet's Forum - Accepting new members (new as of January 2021)

Spanish Conversation - Accepting members; meets only between Osher sessions and/or university term breaks.


To start a SIG:

OLLI at Pitt Guidelines for Special Interest Groups (SIGS) - Download to learn the responsibilities and benefits of starting a SIG

OLLI at Pitt Proposal Form for a Special Interest Group (SIG) - Complete this form to initiate a new SIG