Fall 2021 Catalog - Updates, Additions, Changes, Cancellations


Courses Added for Fall: 

  • Contemporary European Film: 1980s – present with Dr. Lucy Fischer
  • Chair Yoga with Sally Sherman

Course Cancellations:

  • American Sign Language 2
  • History of Modern France;
  • Myth and Science, Part 1: Myth
  • They Died with their Boots On: Custer, the Battle of the Little Bighorn, and Hollywood
  • Development of Young Orphanage Children
  • Best American Short Stories 2021
  • How Drugs and Vaccines are Developed
  • Railroads and the 19th Century Transformation of American Law
  • Poetry Book Club - Bending the Genre
  • The Nun and the Poet: Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and Octavio Paz

Link: Updated Session 2 Calendar "Courses at a Glance"

Session 2 Courses Moving to Online That Were Initially On Campus

Monday's at 10 a.m. starting October 18

  • Classical Myth in Art - Instructor David Brumble
  • Understanding the Immune System and How It Relates to Health - Instructor Bruce Rabin

Monday's at 1 p.m. starting October 18

  • The Continuing Story of Pittsburgh's Forests - Instructor Mike Cornell
  • "World of Our Mothers": Yiddish Women Writers Tell Their Stories - Instructor Lois Rubin

Tuesdays at 1 p.m. starting October 19

  • TED Talks - Instructor Kathy Callahan (Limited enrollment)

Wednesdays at 1 p.m. starting October 20

  • Left and Right of Contemporary Western World - Instructor Javier Vazquez-D'Elia


Catalog Corrections:

  • Watercolors with Six Tubes: Series 1 - To clarify, this is a 10-week online course. It is missing mention in Session 2 in the catalog. It should read: Watercolors with Six Tubes: Series 1 (continued from Session 1).

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