Read about OLLI's Fall 2021 Term!

We are pleased to say that for the Fall 2021 OLLI at Pitt term we will begin a modest transition back to in-person, face-to-face courses, with this option available several days a week with additional in-person special events and tours throughout the fall. Additionally, OLLI at Pitt will continue holding robust online courses.  The ability to audit preapproved undergraduate courses will also be open to our OLLI members (typical restrictions in place), with the University planning for those courses to be held on campus and in person.

Membership purchase can be completed on the OLLI registration website. If you are a current member, please be sure to follow the information in your email, and/read the instructions on the registration website. When it doubt, always sign in to your account on the registration website. Or, if you are new to OLLI, please create an account by going to the Sign In area prior to attempting to purchase a membership.

Important Dates

- Monday, July 19: Course registration for fall term opens

- August 31: OLLI Session #1 courses begin

- September 7: OLLI Course Proposals for Spring 2022 term, from existing or potentially new instructors are due

The OLLI at Pitt Fall 2021 catalog and the Fall 2021 list of preapproved undergraduate courses to audit are online and available for you to review! Also, there are a few changes to the catalog that you can read about (cancelations, additions, and corrections).

Finally, it was after careful consideration and consultation with the OLLI Advisory Committee and University officials, and survey information from both our members and instructors, the decision was made to begin offering a modest slate of in-person, face to face courses and events this coming Fall term, while also offering significant online courses. The program will follow health guidelines set forth by the University and members will need to abide by the health and safety rules on campus, and also as set forth by any external community location where a course may meet.

While current vaccine rate is high and local Pittsburgh area cases of Covid hospitalizations and deaths are low, experts do anticipate there will be an increase in cases (and all that comes with it) this fall due to a number of factors, including the newer Delta variant of Covid; students returning from all over the United States, including locations that may not have as well controlled cases; and more.

We understand that the decision will not make 100% of members happy, but nonetheless, a decision had to be made with the information available to us. Some members may not realize that each term's planning begins seven to eight months prior to the actual term start date. Thus, Fall 2021 planning began as early as January! There are many, many moving parts to planning and executing an exceptional group of courses, lectures, and events each and every term. It is our hope that as we inch forward to meeting again in person (and online too) that the pandemic threat falls into the abyss!

Finally, it is also our fervent hope that you continue to support your Osher program by renewing membership for the Fall term, if you need to renew, and sharing information about our fantastic program to friends, family, and your local neighbors.